Kingmaker Session 15

Session #15 - December 21st, 2010


The Wardens of the Reach have establish their own nation, named Veridia.

Gerrard chose to take up the mantle of leadership of their fledgling nation as ruler, becoming Baron Gerrard Blackdust.

Thanks to his skill and training, Knil was chosen to be the general of Veridia's military force when it is established.

Agnieszka's people skills and mind-affecting powers made her an ideal candidate to be the nation's grand diplomat.

The position of the nation's high priest naturally went to Bragi, ensuring that the faith St. Argath will have a prominent place in their new society.

Tick's vast knowledge in all fields and his own magical powers made him the ideal candidate to be Veridia's magister.

Duridana chose to becoming Veridia's marshal, charged with patrolling and securing the nations roads, borders, and rural areas.

The nation's hidden position of spymaster was secretly bestowed upon Yasuhiro.

Crio once again took up the duties as a huskarl by becoming Veridia's warden, charged with protecting their nation's people and upholding its laws in cities.

Secretly, Kressle was given the role as the nation's royal assassin.

The posting of councilor was initially offered to Akiros, but he suggested that Sabina, who held the respect and ear of the common folk, would be a more ideal candidate. Although initially hesitant about taking on such a responsibility, she accepted the position with the promise of working hard to fulfill it.

The nation's treasurer was given to Onestrio thanks to his experience in dealing with finances. He accepted, seeing as if civilization was going to disrupt his quiet frontier life, he might as well be in charge of it.

The Wardens established their capital city based around the refurbished Stag Lord's Fort, naming the settlement Staghelm.

Towards the end of Asmodan, the Wardens received word of a mad hermit living in a dead tree to the south. They also learned of a dire tiger following him around, and after scrying him, they found out that he looks alot like Biaggio. This man appeared to be Biaggio's brother. Scouts reported that they beaten by this old man.

In Vandaran, the Wardens heard rumors of the Stag Lord rising from the dead, amassing an army to the south. After speaking with the grig Tyg-Titter-Twig, the fey did not know of this rumor, and after an attempt at scrying the Stag Lord, there were no results. Scouts were also sent out to ascertain information, but nothing was heard of if.

In Zhaoken, the Wardens heard of the Swamp Witch, who lives in Hushglow Swamp, south of Staghelm. The midwives of StagHelm have known of her, and her name is Old Beldame. Scouts reported finding her home in the swamp, but did not proceed with communication. A scarecrow that glows was seen in front of her house. The swamp witch did not seem to be a threat.

The month of Kothai was quiet, and the Wardens continued to develop Staghelm and their barony.

In Illiao, the grig Tyg-Titter-Twig and her companions, the faerie dragon Percilash, visited the Wardens at their castle. They told them that there are rumors of a very nasty fairy living in the south in an old elven castle.

In Jerakai, the Wardens heard rumors of a green dragon named the Forest King living in Tuskbark Forest. The Venturi family, a wealthy merchant family that established itself in Staghelm, posted a bounty on the beast after it attacked several of its caravans.

Month 7
Scouts return with information (info is added to the rumor that deals with)

In the month of Minuan, the party learned of a brutish Hill Giant wandering the plains to the south of Veridia. He liked to drink, but appeared to be a peaceful giant, though not that smart. His name was Munguk. He was fond of Bue wolf berries, liked trolls, and sung loudly.

During the month of Nouyan, an old tower was discovered in the Hushglow Swamp. There appeared to be a dimensional boundry there guarded by a monster.

During Kaïdiao of the next year, the Wardens learned of a tribe of lizardfolk that are led by a Lizard King. The lizard king has been known to talk to himself as if speaking to his ancestors. Scouts report that the lizard folk camp is near the large tower in the swamp.

During the month of Firhan, Veridian Rangers reported that there were troll patrols in the south.

Near the end of the month of Tierran, a couple (The Rezbins) came to see the Wardens. They wished to establish a settlement near the area where the party fought the dracowyrms. They would pledge the settlement to Veridia kingdom, in exchange for help in setting it up.

Current date: Fireday, Asmodan 30th, 109 Age of Reclamation.

  • For founding your kingdom, each character earns 300 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • For estrablishing your capital city, each character earns 150 XP.
  • For reaching a kingdom size of 5, each character earns 200 XP.
  • For reaching a kingdom size of 10, each character earns 300 XP.
  • For filling a square with four blocks of buildings, each character earns 200 XP.
Character XP Hero Points
Agnes 1,150 1
Bragi 5751 1
Crio 1,150 1
Duridana 1,150 1
Gerrard 1,150 1
Knil 1,150 1
Tick 1,150 0
Yasuhiro 1,150 1

1 Bragi earns half for being only half-present.

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