Kingmaker Session 14

Session #14 - December 14th, 2010


After defeating the dracowyrms, the Wardens collected their treasure. The next day, Gerrard burgeoning fey powers increased, and manifested itself physically by growing a pair of dragonfly wings on his back. They come across a corpse of a barghest, with its head missing. The Wardens determine that it must be Kressle, already at work with the task they bestowed her with. Later on, the party is splashed with water from the nearby river. The perpetrators of this prank soon reveal themselves, and they are old acquaintances of the party, the grig Tyg-Titter-Twig and the faerie dragon Percilash. the Wardens tell the two fey of the dead unicorn, who the fey identify as Lìnara. They fey also inform the party that no nymphs have lived in the Evergreen for more than several thousands of years. Percilash also recounts a legend of the ancient Viridescian Lords of these lands, who held power tens of thousands of years ago.Afterwards, the fey bring the Wardens exotic sweets for each of them.

Later on, in the middle of the night while camping, the Wardens are ambushed by a pack of barghests. This time, the barghests are led by a greater barghests, who they later learn is named Gozhrak. The barghests attacked in retaliation for the losses of Gozhrak's pack, when the Wardens previously slew barghests and now Kressle's hunting of them. The Wardens, however, have learned much from fighting their kind, and managed to defeat them. Unfortunately for them, they performed so well, that the Gozhrak found it best for his pack to flee after one of them died, rather than stay, fight and most likely die.

the Wardens return to onestrio's. There, they see that Gerrard's workers have arrived, and that Cogden has already organized them and they have started working. Akiros comes up to meet them, letting them know that Kressle arrived a few days ago to deliver barghest and yeth hound heads. He also says that he managed to prevent anyincident between Kressle and the Lucellis due to their past encounter when Kressle was still a bandit. Onstrio was not pleased to find out about Kressle working for the Wardens, but his mood improved upon receiving the dracowyrm head as he requested. Duridana sends a runner to Jhod updating him on their situation. Gerrard speaks with his workers, and Bragi talks to the ex-bandits. The halfling wizard Ambrosine is at the trade post to fulfill Duridana's request to enchant her father's bow.

The Wardens rest at the trade post for a week. Ambrosine finishes Duridana's bow. More workers arrive for Gerrard's company. Felix returns from Rochefort bearing news from Châteaufoy. The message congratulates the Wardens on their successes, and House Châteaufoy rewards them with a charter and supplies to establish their own nation and the right to rule. They also learn that communication has been lost with the Red Falcons in the Misty Highlands, the Drakethorn Glades have been mapped out by the now-Baron Rafael Drelevo, who father owns the Blasthorn Firearms in Lurindor, and in the Thunderhoof Hills, Théodore duLoup has established the settlement of Wolfshold.

On Sunmark, Highbloom 10th, 108 Age of Reclamation, the nation of Veridia is founded in the Evergreen Reach.

Current date: Moonday, Asmodan 10th, 108 Age of Reclamation.

  • For defeating the barghest ambush, each character earns 1,000 XP.
  • For fulfilling Onestrio's request for a tatzlwyrm head, each character earns 50 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • For fulfilling the Evergreen Charter, each character earns 500 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • Number of hexes explored: 4 (each character earns 50 XP).
Character XP Hero Points
Agnes 1,600 2
Bragi 1,600 2
Crio 1,600 2
Duridana 1,600 2
Gerrard 1,600 2
Knil 1,600 2
Tick 1,600 0
Yasuhiro 1,600 2

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