Kingmaker Session 13

Session #13 - December 7, 2010


The party saddles up and chases down the two trolls that fled the battle. Although the trolls had recovered from their fright and tried to fight back, they were no match for the Wardens and were killed. Returning to the Stag Lord's Fort, they met up with Kressle once more. Deciding that she needs something to occupy her time with so as to prevent her from falling back into her old, bloody ways, they propose that she hunts barghests and yeth hounds. For each head that she brings back, they would give her a bounty. Kressle, wanting some exercise, agreed, but not before requesting a magical weapon to fight them. Yasuhiro gave her his +1 rapier.

Continuing their travels, the Wardens stop by Garuum's lair, and talked about the nest of tatzlwyrms. After enjoying Garuum's hospitality for the night, the Wardens continued southward within the Gnarlwood. They come across a hot spring inhabited by a pair of giant and hostile frogs. Duridana manages to appease them somewhat, but while they do not attack the party, the frogs do not seem to welcome them either. The party continues on their way.

Further south, the Wardens discover some peculiar horse tracks. The tracks lead to a clearing where all vegetation has rotted. The soil was soggy and brimming with maggots and other verminous insects. In the middle of the clearing was a pool of fouled water. Near the water was the corpse of a unicorn that had its horn cut off. The corpse itself still remains in pristine condition, and all the insects avoid it. They also discover a powerful, lingering necromantic aura around the unicorn corpse. Its eyes were white and murky, and they determined that the horn was removed after its death. They suspect that the unicorn perished from a powerful death effect. The horn itself was nowhere to be found. Agnes remembers old tales of victims of powerful fey were marked as such, and that all natural life would avoid it. The Wardens respectfully bury the unicorn in a clean area of the forest.

Further south, the Wardens come to a crossing in the Dragontail River. On a large sandbank in the middle of the river was a sleeping dracowyrm. It wakes as they approach it and begins to attack them. However, as soon as several of the Wardens move in to engage in melee with the dracowyrm on the sandbank, four more dracowyrms, hidden in the water, emerge and attack. Nonetheless, the Wardens barrel on through their enemies and slay most of the dracowyrms, with only one of them frightened off by Crio's ferociousness. Before the last one expired, it uttered out a threat to the Wardens and to a "nymph bitch" that the true master of Viridia is returning.

Current date: Moonday, Tierran 27th, 108 Age of Reclamation.

  • For defeating the two fleeing trolls, each character earns 400 XP.
  • For peacefully dealing with the giant frogs, each character earns 100 XP.
  • For defeating the nest of dracowyrms, each character earns 1,000 XP.
  • Number of hexes explored: 3 (each character earns 37 XP).
Character XP Hero Point
Agnes 1,537 0
Bragi 1,537 0
Crio 1,537 0
Duridana 1,537 0
Gerrard 1,537 0
Knil 1,537 0
Tick 1,537 0
Yasuhiro 1,537 0

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