Kingmaker Session 12

Session #12 - December 4th, 2010


The next day, the Wardens discover a statue of Deianeira in the wilderness, covered in moss. Duridana proceeds to clean it, and reads the Deianeiran prayer inscribed at the base of the statue, which then blesses the weapons of the party.

Back at Onestrio's Trade Post, Yasuhiro encounters Knil, a half-elf cavalier. Knil had been seeking out the Stag Lord, and when word reached him of the Wardens victory over the bandits, he came to Onestrio's to seek them out and join them for his own reasons. Knil joins Yasuhiro, and they both depart to locate the rest of the Wardens.

Yasuhiro and Knil finally meet up with the rest of the party. Crio is suspicious of Knil, not believing his boasts, but Gerrard welcomes him (and his coin). Knil also demonstrates his skill with the horse by challenging Gerrard to a quick race, which he succeeds at. Later, the group is attack by a pack of ankhegs, which they defeat with little difficulty. Afterwards, the continue their travels for a few days, exploring the land. One day, they find six pairs of troll tracks.

Deciding to investigate, and if need be, eliminate this potential threat, the Wardens follow the tracks to where the trolls are camping. They failed to sneak up on them, and discovered that these trolls were acting with at least some organization, using tactics that nearly killed Tick. However, Knil proved his worth to the party by delivering devastating charge attacks in the troll ranks. Crio's ferociousness caused several of them to flee. In the end, the Warden's were victorious.

Current date: Windsday, Tierran 22nd, 108 Age of Reclamation.

  • For defeating 6 ankhegs, each character earns 600 XP.
  • For defeating the troll patrol, each character earns 1300 XP.
  • Number of hexes explored: 6 (each character earns 75 XP).
  • Crio earns 1 Hero Point for Duridana's portrait.
  • Gerrard earns 1 Hero Point for the extra burden of running Bragi at the same time.
Character XP Hero Points
Agnes 1,975 0
Bragi 9871 0
Crio 1,975 1
Duridana 1,975 0
Gerrard 1,975 1
Knil 1,975 0
Tick 1,975 0
Yasuhiro 1,975 0

1 Bragi earns half for being only half-present.

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