Kingmaker: Session 11

Sessions #11 - November 30th, 2010


The Wardens of the Reach continue their exploration of the Sharptooth Forest. They find barefoot human tracks in the ground, and track them to a human man with worn clothing. After questioning the man and not giving up their suspicions, the man transforms into a werewolf and ttacks the party. The Wardens quickly end his life. They then make their way to the Temple of the Unicorn, arriving there the next day. Jhod tells them that the Stag Helm was an old Deianeiran relic. Duridana talks to Jhod more about the Deianeiran faith.

The next day, the Wardens return to Onestrio's, and turn in the radishes to Sabina. They also take moon radish seeds to Akiros to be planted. Yasuhiro decides to stay at the Trade post for a while to help Akiros. Meanwhile, Gerrard encounters Coggin Ogden, an old gnome that used to work for his father. He came down to Onestrio's to agree being Gerrard's foreman for his newly created company. After stoking up on supplies, Gerrad and Bragi give an inspiring speech to the ex-bandits.

The next day, the Wardens set off once more, stopping by the Sootscale kobolds at the gold mine to check up on them. At night, the party was ambushed by a flight of perytons. The battle was fierce, and Gerrard nearly died, but the Wardens were victorious once more. After recovering from the battle, the party continued on. At a river crossing, where Hunter's Creek and Dragontail rivers meet, they discover troll tracks. The next day, they discover a thylacine trapped in a pit. Although they wanted to peaceful approach it, the ground underneath Crio gave way, and he fell into the pit. The thyalcine was startled, and attacked, forcing Crio to slay it.

Current date: Earthday, Tierran 16th, 108 Age of Reclamation.

  • For defeating the werewolf, each character earns 85 XP (Yasuhiro earns half for being present, but not active).
  • For returning the moon radishes to Sabina, each character earns 57 XP (Yasuhiro earns half for being present, but not active) and 1 Hero Point.
  • For defeating the strange flying stag creatures, each character except Yasuhiro earns 1,600 XP.
  • For defeating the trapped thylacine, each character except for Yasuhiro earns 100 XP.
  • Number of hexes explored: 4 (Yasuhiro earns 7 XP, everyone else each earns 64 XP).
Character XP Hero Points
Agnes 1,906 1
Bragi 1,906 1
Crio 1,906 1
Duridana 1,906 1
Gerrard 1,906 1
Tick 1,906 0
Yasuhiro 72 1

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