Kingmaker: Session 10

Session #10 - November 23rd, 2010


After a difficult fight with teh barghests, the Wardens meet with their mysterious benefactors and pranksters. The grig Tyg-Titter-Twig and the faerie dragon Percilash had been shadowing the party for weeks and were responsible for the pranks. The fey thanked the party for being such good sports in their games, and for the gifts they offered. They found Gerrard's poem to be especially moving and impressive. They also tell Duridana that the fey mark on her back is associated to a high lord among the fey who is most likely interested in her. After a small celebration where liquor flowed freely, the party rested with the night, and the fey disappeare, but not before drawing pink hearts on everyone's armour.

Continuing their exploration of the Reach, the Wardens come across a flight of cockatrices, that they promptly defeat. The next day, they come to a rickety rope bridge that crosses the Hunter's Creek River. Tick manages to get across with no problem, but Gerrard sends his horse first, whose heavy weight breaks the bridge and washes away. The Wardens head to Nettle's Crossing in order to reunite the party. Tick tries to climb the rope connecting both sides, but falls into the river as soon as he gets on it. Crio dives into the river and retrieves him. The next day, the party finds a corpse of a man trapped underneath a log. It appears that a trap was in the process of being made, and that ropes tied to the log was cut by small teeth. They find a marked masterwork handaxe on the corpse. They suspect that the corpse is that of Breeg, a trapper that has been harrassing fellow hunters and trappers with his traps. In another part of the Gnarlwood, the Wardens find the burial site of the son of a Red Bear barbarian chieftain. Tick cleans the burial mound, and discovers a rind of swimming as it falls out of the stones. The next day, the party encounters a gorgon, but fortunately for them, they swiftly defeat it before it could turn them to stone, thanks to Agnes' slumber.

The Wardens return to Ontestrio's. They hand in Tuskgutter's head to Vekkel Benzen who rewards the party with magical arrows and his masterwork longbow. Lorenzo meets with them, and he brought back House Châteaufoy's reward of 5,000 gp for defeating the Stag Lord. They also learn that Akiros has taken charge of the former bandits, and that they are working hard. After placing down some orders with Onestrio, they head off to Biaggio's to deliver the fangberries. They then go off to collect moon radishes. Resting for the night, the party is attacked by a shambling mound. Fortunately, the plant monster was no match for the Wardens.

Current date: Windsday, Tierran 9th, 108 Age of Reclamation.

  • For befriending Tyg-Titter-Twig and Percilash, each character earns 142 XP.
  • For defeating Tuskgutter and bringing his head to Vekkel Bensen, each character earns 57 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • For defeating the Stag Lord and his bandits, each character earns 57 XP and 1 Hero Point.
  • For defeating 5 cockatrices, each character earns 571 XP.
  • For defeating the wandering gorgon, each character earns 685 XP.
  • For defeating the shambling mound, each character earns 342 XP.
  • For rescuing Tick from almost drowning, Crio earns 1 Hero Point.
  • Number of hexes explored: 4 (each character earns 57 XP).
Character XP Hero Points
Agnes 1,911 2
Bragi 1,911 2
Crio 1,911 3
Duridana 1,911 2
Gerrard 1,911 2
Tick 1,911 0
Yasuhiro 1,911 2

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