Kingmaker: Session 1

Session #1 - August 31st, 2010


The future pioneers, Gerrard, Duridana, Tick, Bragi, and Agnieszka, had gathered in the main office of the Lady-Mayor of Rochefort. Lady Adeline Châteaufoy outlined their mission to explore the north part of the Evergreen Reach, a region of the land known as the Viridian Marches. Their mission was to explore the Evergreen Reach, map out the area, and defeat the bandits that inhabit there and who have grown increasingly aggressive towards Lurindor in the past few years. Before the group left for Onestrio's Trading Post, they met with Théodore Duloup, merchant, adventurer, and family friend of House Châteaufoy. He explained to them that he will be leading the expedition into the neighbouring land of the Thunderhoof Hills, and gave each member of the party a healing kit, a gift of friendship.

The party arrived at the Trading Post a few days later. Onestrio and his wife, Sabina, were initially disappointed because they were expecting guards as per their request weeks ago, not explorers. They explained to the party about the recent bandit problems necessitating the request for actual guards at the post. The party volunteered wait for the next bandit visit and deal with them. They only had to wait a couple of days before six bandits led by a rough man named Happs confidently strode into the outpost and demanded their due.

Gerrard gladly complied with their request, and handed his sword to them, blade first into Happs' gut. The blow took out the bandit leader, and the rest of the bandits were so shocked that they decided to flee. Their escape was cutoff by the quick action of Agnes, who pulled up a net blocking the exit. While the bandits continued to panic, they were being sniped by Duridana, who hid herself at the top of a tower. Tick's eidolon, Tock, joined the fray, and Bragi supported the group with the blessing of St. Argath. All of the bandits were quickly defeated and executed, save for Happs.

While interrogating Happs, Agnes successfully tricked the bandit into believing that she had poisoned him, when all she actually did was give him plain water. Happs explained that the bandits were united by a man called the Stag Lord, and that the silver amulet the party had taken from him was the symbol of an officer in the band. He confessed to never having met the man, only his superior, a woman named Kressle, had any contact with him outside of their small group in this part of the Reach. He also provided the location of their camp. Agnes then gave the "antidote" to Happs, which was nothing more than a toffee candy.

The group debated on what to do with Happs. The edict was clear: unrepentant banditry warranted execution, but the group was wondering if he would be more valuable to him alive than dead. Gerrard, in a bout of sadism, suggested cutting the man's thumbs and big toe, and to carve a message in the mans skin. The rest of the party was aghast, and only agreed to cut the man's thumbs only to make him unable to properly wield a weapon. They would then let him go to spread the word that a new law was coming to the Evergreen Reach.

The next day, the party set out of Trading Post to find the bandit camp and eliminate them. Before they left, Onestrio made a request to keep an eye out for his wife's wedding ring that had been taken by the bandits. The party reached the edge of the Sharptooth Forest without incident, but within it lied danger. They were ambushed by a hungry brush thylacine, that took a big chunk out of Agnes before it was put down. And at night, when the party wnet to rest after locating the bandit camp, six bandits attempted to ambush them. However, the party's keen senses and the bandits' poor stealth allowed the party to take them all out, with the last being an impressive long distance shot from Duridana.

Current Date: Sunday, Firhan 8th, 108 Age of Reclamation.

  • For defeating the bandits at Onestrio's Trading Post, each member of the party earns 280 XP.
  • For the successful interrogation of Happs, each member of the party earns 40 XP and 1 Hero point.
  • For defeating the brush thylacine, each member of the party earns 120 XP.
  • For defeating the ambushing bandits, each member of the party earns 200 XP.
  • Number of hexes explored: 1 (each member of the party earns 20 XP).
Character XP
Agnieszka 660
Bragi 660
Duridana 660
Gerrard 660
Tick 660

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