Kingmaker Reborn: The Rughir and Ulfeddin

The Rughir Tribe

The Rughir was an orc tribe of the Norgrimm Moors, whose name means something close to "moor-stalker" in the orcish tongue. It was one of the few tribes in the area that followed the ways of the Ulfeddin, and they were less aggressive (but no less dangerous) than other tribes of the region. Because of this, and their renown hunting skills, they were often contracted as guides and scouts by Lurindoro mercenary companies. This made them somewhat wealthy, but earned the jealous ire of more traditional tribes who already needed little reason to hate followers of Ulfeddin.

The Rughir tribe were originally settled around the Hruildunn's Cairns, resting place for the last Archdruid of Ulfeddin many generations ago. The tribe's power had dwindled greatly since those days. A coven of orc witches known as the Aguara sought to increase their influence and power over the tribes, and schemed to unite them against a common foe. The Aguaran group of tribes assaulted the Rughir, annihilating them, and sold the survivors into slavery to Lurindor.


The Ulfeddin is a little known aspect of the pure hunt, known and worshipped by only a few tribes in the uncivilized wilderness. Ulfeddin traditions emphasize on the purity of the hunt, to embrace the rush and challenge of tracking and catching prey greater than yourself. They also teach that in the hunt, both prey and predator are necessary, and each should be respected, even should you find yourself being either one or the other. The kill is not goal, only the honing of your skills against those of your prey, the heightening of your senses, being one with your surroundings and your prey. Ulfeddin customs involve rituals to prepare for the hunt, and to give thanks to the spirit of the prey afterwards, whether it was caught or escaped.

Oral traditions vary from tribe to tribe, but in general, the Ulfeddin's origins tie back to Sevrash and Deianeira. Legend states that there was a period of time, when the world was still new and primal, where these two deities hunted each other relentlessly. The war between the two went back and forth for ages, each exchanging the roles of predator and prey evenly. Eventually, the divine blood spilled by both deities coalesced into a new being, the Ulfeddin, the primal aspect of their hunt.

Sevrash and his followers despise the Ulfeddin, viewing it as an offensively weak hunter, and a disgrace to God of Savagery's blood. They take great pleasure in hunting down Ulfeddinites, and tearing them slowly limb from limb. Deaneirans are significantly more tolerant to Ulfeddin and its followers, but prefer to ignore them as they do not wish to think about how the blood of their beloved goddess could be tainted by that of their most vicious enemy, no matter how benign the Ulfeddin might be. These views, along with fact either deities are more popular and appealing, led to the Ulfeddin's very meager following. Not that the Ulfeddin cares. For it is said that when the time of the gods finally come to an end, the Ulfeddin will be there to hunt them all down…

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