Kingmaker Reborn: Rochefort Gazette, Zhaoren 14th, 103rd Age of Reckoning

Breaking News: Gardefort Guilty of Montplaisir Massacre!

by Chance Bellevoix

The court of the Trade Regulation Authority has found Berendikoff Gardefort guilty of murder of the Montplaisir family. Gardefort continued to protest his innocence as the TRA judge laid down the sentence. The Gardefort patriarch will be imprisoned for life, and all Gardefort assets and properties will be seized by the TRA.
Gardefort's lawyer has said that they will appeal the sentence, claiming that the investigation was far too short, as was the trial.

The TRA arrested Gardefort a week after the Montplaisir incident, claiming to have uncovered evidence proving that he was behind the massacre. Gardefort's lawyer says that the trial was rushed, citing that it only lasted two weeks before today's sentence, and that this was not enough time for them to mount a proper defence.

A Feud Gone Too Far?

It is public knowledge that there was an ongoing feud between the Gardefort and Montplaisir families. It all stemmed over a hundred years ago when a business arrangement between the two ended badly. Both families accused the other of breaking deals. Since then, both merchant houses have fiercely competed against each other.

The Montplaisir discovery and acquisition of their aetherite mine was but the latest victory in this long standing feud. Days before the Montplaisirs were killed, Berendikoff was seen in a vehement argument with Montplaisir matriarch Rosette Montplaisir. Witnesses report that the argument almost became physical before their respective aides pulled them away. Berendikoff was heard shouting after Rosette that they'll "all burn one day".

A Family In Disgrace

The Gardefort investigation and trial has had a heavy toll on the Gardefort family. Former business associates and collegues have been quick to publicly distance themselves from the family. Family members have hidden themselves from the public eye. With their name in ruins, and all their assets seized, there have been reports that Gardefort family members have been disappearing from society.

Rochefort has now lost two prominent families and businesses. The Châteaufoy Trade House have enacted measures to stabilize Rochefort's economy in this tumultuous time, but there are already movement from foreign businesses seeking to fill the void.

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