Kingmaker Reborn: The Monster Hunting Association Of Lurindor

Headquartered in the nation's capital city of Coracentia, the Monster Hunting Association of Lurindor is a centuries old institution of big game hunters. The association was founded over 300 years ago in the year 4970 Age of Strife by a group of friends who were all the heirs to some of the major merchant families of the nation. Using their wealth and talents, this group of friends funded trips to go hunt wild monsters for their amusement. Over time, others joined them until they decided to formerly form their own private organization. Thus was born the Monster Hunting Assocation of Lurindor.

The Association's membership now numbers of 300 associates. It operates throughout Lurindor, and organizes hunting trips in the regions of the Norgrimm Moors, the Valendar Wilds, and the Viridian Marches. Its members hunt monsters for many reason: trophies and fame, harvesting of rare and specific body parts, eliminating dangerous threats, or simply for the thrill of the hunt.

The Association splits its members into 5 ranks, denoted by a number of stars. One star hunters are the newest and lowest ranking members, going up to five star hunters, who are all members of the Association's ruling committee. Members increase in rank by participating in hunts, earning prestige based on their performance. The more dangerous the hunt, the more prestige they gain. As they rise in ranks, associates gain access to more of the Association's resources, and preferred placement on more prestigious hunts.

Rank CR Requirements Notes
0 Star 1 or less New and probationary members.
1 Star 2 to 4 5 zero-star hunts
2 Stars 5 to 7 5 one-star hunts
3 Stars 8 to 10 10 two-star hunts
4 Stars 11 to 13 15 three-star hunts
5 Stars 14 to 16 20 four-star hunts Automatically offered a seat on the association's ruling committee.

If an associate succeeds at a hunt with a CR 17 or more, they automatically increase to the next rank. Such hunts are known as a "celestial" hunt.

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