Kingmaker Reborn: The Failed Suleiman Revolution

In the year 90 of the Age of Reckoning, an attempted revolution within the Ashaki Empire was thwarted.

The revolution was organized and was to be led by Asaad Suleiman. Suleiman was a young noble who had inherited governorship of his family home province five years prior. Having traveled widely in his youth, Asaad was ambitious and filled with new ideas. He was dismayed as he experienced first hand the decadence of Ashaki nobility. He saw his beloved nation drowning in its own decay, saw the decline of the Golden Kingdom of Khaliram.

For the first few years, Asaad attempted to push reforms through legitimate means. However, his fellow nobles were corrupt, and feared that these reforms would strip away even an ounce of their wealth and power. Asaad's reformed were blocked and hindered at every pass. Asaad became frustrated. Over the next following years, he gathered with other like-minded people from all walks of life: merchants, priests, commoners, soldiers, and even a few young nobles with similar ambitions.

Although it started out as a network of people seeking out to help each other, the gathering gained momentum to become large enough to cause a revolution. However, before anything was decided or could be done, Amonkhaten II, Golden Pharaoh of Ashak, had his royal guards arrest Suleiman and his compatriots in one fell swoop one night. While the imperial nobility indulged itself in its decadence, it appeared that the Pharaoh remained sharp in his ruling, and obviously wanted to maintain the status quo.

Despite his protests, Asaad was brought before the royal court, summarily declared to be the ringleader of the revolution, and was found guilty of treason. His lands would be seized, and his entire family executed. However, before being captured, sensing the dangerous atmosphere, Asaad contacted a foreign merchant he had befriended in his youth. As a precaution, he had his friend take his young son Sky with him to a distant land.

The entire Suleiman line of Ashaki now lies in disgrace and synonymous with treason in the annals of Ashaki history. By the Pharaoh's law, tantamount to divine decree, any who shares the traitor's blood must be purged. Those seeking the Pharaoh's favour will go to great lengths to make it so…

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