Kingmaker Reborn: The Bodai Sect

Over five centuries ago, the Kaï-denite Inquisitor Radimus saved his homeland of Kanath, a province in Arkonia, from being invaded by cyclops and the horrors summoned by the Arkonian magelords to combat them. Radimus was horrified by the demons and devils summoned by the magelords, and witnessed how much harm they inflicted on the simple folk of his beloved Kanath. After saving the people from two forces that cared nothing for them, Radimus forced out the magelords, declaring arcane magic a tool of evil, and forced out all spellcasters not devout to Kaï-den.

At that time, a young girl was born from the union of a priestess of Minué and a very devout wizard of El-Sathys. The girl's name was Bodai, and although she did not display any talent for the magical arts, she displayed an acute understanding of magical theory. When exile of spellcasters in Kanath began to turn ugly as zealots began using violence against those who refuesed to leave, Bodai ended up being separated from her parents. Lost and on her own, she prayed to the two deities in her life. She would later claim that both El-Sathys and Minué appeared before her. That night, they imparted her the knowledge needed to save herself, her family, and all those suffering from the purge. The secret was in the stars.

Using a complex form of a combination of astrology, astronomy, and arithmancy, Bodai found herself capable of wielding magic for the first time. Her powers varied depending on the constellations in the heavens at the time. Armed with the powers, she located her parents, letting them know what had happened. Her parents were doubtful, but could not deny the power she now wielded. Bodai also informed them that she knew where they could escape to, the path having been revealed to her in the stars.

Bodai and her family started gathering their friends and family. Others joined them over time. Soon, the young girl touched by the gods was leading a host of tens of thousands. Through it all, they were hounded by Radimus' inquisitors. When they caught wind of the girl and her story, the conclusion was clear: she was a heretic and tool of evil. At this point, Kaï-den had long since repealed his grace from Radimus for his actions and those done in his name. But Radimus had gained fantastical power during the previous conflict, and his people's belief in him elevated him higher to become his own power. The Radimites as they were now called, could not allow so many spellcasters escape their judgement.

The Arcanist Exodus came to its most dangerous point just as they were about to escape Kanath. The Radimite army was ready to slaughter them all in an ambush. Bodai consulted the stars, and she knew what to do. Teaching her parents and her brightest followers everything that she could of what El-Sathys and Minué imparted to her, including the path they needed to take to their destined land, Boday instructed the host to take another path while she would go on alone. Before anyone could stop her, she vanished.

Bodai met with the Radimite host alone, and while she occupied them, her host slipped past the army. Bodai was then captured, and after a quick trial, declared a heretic, and was burnt to the stake.

That was the last anyone saw of the girl, but her legacy lived on in her host of exiles. Using the knowledge imparted to them, they divined the path they needed to take, which would lead them south into the mountains of Qar-kadaj. There, they were hidden away from Radimite inquisitors. The exiles soon joined and mingled with the native mountain tribesfolk, and after several generations, became one people with them.

The Bodai Sect

Bodai's teachings were spread among the exiles, and became a its own branch of worship, localized among the tribes of Qar-kadaj mountains. As the teachings emphasized more on magical theory and calculations, Bodai, as the branch became known, is seen as a branch of El-Sathys worship, albeit mixed with Minuéin customs. Bodai teaches its followers how to read the magic in the stars, and to learn how to seek guidance among them.

Although El-Sathys is dominant in Bodai worship, both she and Minué are respected. Both are goddesses of magic, with Minué seen as El-Sathys' daughter. As Bodai is nearly strictly practiced in the isolated tribes of remote Qar-Kadaj, the sect is not well-known by the main churches of either goddesses. Those scholars who are aware of it, and who have studied it, view it as a quaint form of a mixture of Elsathite and Minuéin teachings and customs, with its divine origins hotly debated. Fortunately, neither churches are particularly dogmatic, with one happy for new ideas to form and the other known for its compassion, and happily tolerate its practice.

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