Kingmaker: Reborn


It is the 108th year of the Age of Reckoning.

Only a little more than a century has passed since Zhao-Khan, God of Power and Tyranny, engulfed the world of Celesia in his Tyrant's World War. The world survived and recovered, but the turmoils if the past have given way to new challenges.

A decade ago, a new power emerged within the Viridian Marches. The bandits of that untamed land unified under the iron grip of the Stag Lord. Other rival bandit gangs formed, and all preyed on the southern trade routes of the merchant kingdom of Lurindor.

At the same time, all members of Lurindor's ruling merchant family, the Amiatti Conglomerate, vanished without a trace, leaving Lurindor's leadership in disarray. Niccolo Sovrani, leader of the Sovrani Syndicate, engineered a brilliant takeover of the remaining Amiatti assets, becoming Lurindor's Interim-Crown-Executor, and leaving him as the most powerful and wealthiest man in the nation.

While Niccolo focused on stabilising his new powerbase, Rochefort's rulung halfling clan, the Châteaufoys, sensed an opportunity to remedy many of their problems. In exchange for Rochefort's support to his rule, Sovrani has authorized the Châteaufoys to fund a colonisation effort of the Viridian Marches.

Lurindor's terms for the colonisation efforts are simple:

  • Once the colony has been established, it automatically enters into an alliance with Lurindor, meaning open trade between the two sides, and establishing a Lurindor embassy in the colony.
  • Rochefort will be responsible for the initial funding of the colony, though the parties may enter into separate agreements with other parties on their own initiative for additional funding.
  • For the following 10 years, the colony must render unto Lurindor 5% of its monthly income on a monthly basis. After the 10 year period, this term can be renegotiated. Rochefort herself has graciously declined any additional tribute for her part in organizing this effort.
  • In exchange for these terms, the colonies will be considered a fully independent and sovereign nations, and may be ruled however the founders wish.

However, Rochefort's efforts will be closely watched by other nations also eager to claim the Marches.

To the west of the Viridian Marches lies the Tassimar Reach, realm of rogues. Although not unified, it was Tassimar's last attempt to claim the Marches that led to the recent rise in banditry in the region.

To the east lies the Holy Radimus Empire, the theocracy of human pride. A staunch nation dedicated to the humanocentric god St. Radiumus, the Holy Empire would be eager to find new lands to convert to their religion.

To the south list the cyclopean city-states of Carpathos. The cyclops have tried time and time again to claim the Viridian Marches, but each attempt ended in failure.The desire for this rich land, combined with the prospect of capture new slave labour, will not doubt draw their attention.

As for Lurindor's latest attempt to tame the Viridian Marches, Rochefort has already enlisted three parties to their cause:

  • The Crimson Falcons is one of Lurindor's most famed independent mercenary companies, having won many battles in Valroy's numerous revolutions and defending Lurindor assets from Norgrimm orc raids. Led by Captain Adrianna Falcone, the Crimson Falcons aim to pacify the Storm Bear tribes of the Ursan Highlands.
  • The merchant company known as Drelevo Entreprises, whose ownership was recently inherited by Rafael Drelevo, has been contracted to establish a foothold in the Drakethorn Glades. They are tasked with pacifying the local sakkadi and bogwort tribes so that trade routes from Lurindor to Carpathos and neighboring Issos can be established.
  • Famed halfling adventure Theodore Duloup has formed his own company to settle the Thalamech Uplands. He will face opposition in the form of the native Thalamech centaur tribes.

All that remains is for one more party to take up the challenge of pacifying the bandit-ridden land of the Evergreen Plains.



  • Session 1: Waterday, Asmolan 1st to Windsday, Asmolan 2nd, 108 6A.
  • Session 2: Windsday, Asmolan 2nd to Moonday, Asmolan 7th, 108 6A.
  • Session 3: Moonday, Asmolan 7th, to Starday, Asmolan 12th, 108 6A.
  • Session 4: Starday, Asmolan 12th, to Moonday, Asmolan 14th, 108 6A.
  • Session 5: Moonday, Asmolan 14th to Windsday, Vandarkaï 7th, 108 6A.
  • Session 6: Windsday, Vandarkaï 7th to Earthday, Vandarkaï 15th, 108 6A.
  • Session 7: Earthday, Vandarkaï 15th to Waterday, Vandarkaï 27th, 108 6A.
  • Session 8: Waterday, Vandarkaï 27th to Fireday, Zhaoren 6th, 108 6A.
  • Session 9: Fireday, Zhaoren 6th to Starday, Zhaoren 14th, 108 6A.
  • Session 10: Starday, Zhaoren 14th to Waterday, Zhaoren 24th, 108 6A.
  • Session 11: Waterday, Zhaoren 24th to Moonday, Karthoran 11th, 108 6A.
  • Session 12: Waterday, Karthoran 12th to Fireday, Karthoran 18th, 108 6A.
  • Session 13: Fireday, Karthoran 18th to Earthday, Karthoran 24th, 108 6A.
  • Session 14: Fireday, Karthoran 25th to Sunday, Elsaren 10th, 108 6A.
  • Session 15: Moonday, Elsaren 11th to Windsday, Elsaren 13th, 108 6A.
  • Session 16 & 17: Windsday, Elsaren 13th to Windsday, Elsaren 20th, 108 6A.
  • Session 18: Windsday, Elsaren 20th to Starday, Elsaren 23rd, 108 6A.
  • Session 19: Starday, Elsaren 23rd to Sunday, Jeshkaï 29th, 108 6A.
  • Session 20: Sunday, Jeshkaï 29th to Moonday, Orcsaï 6th, 108 6A.
  • Session 21: Waterday, Orcsaï 7th to Sunday, Minyan 3rd, 108 6A.
  • Session 22: Moonday, Minyan 4th to Waterday, Minyan 12th, 108 6A.
  • Session 23: Windsday, Minyan 13th to Sunday, Nouyan 14th, 108 6A.
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