all kaiju are magical beasts with a size of at least colossal+1
each kaiju is unique
they are ageless, but can be killed
ancient and enormous beasts that arose upon Celesia during the Second Age that warred with the invading Cosmic Horrors over dominance of the world
birthed by magical mutation of natural creatures during times of incomprehensible stresses to the planet
Nicknamed the Spawn of Tiamat

Azgorah, the King of Kaiju (colossal+3): bipedal, amphibious, reptilian with thick hide, powerful forearms with claws, long tail, crown of horns upon emerging from brow, bone spurs down the length of spine all the way through to the tail giving it a morningstar like weapon on its end, electricity/fire combo breath weapon
seems to only appear to maintain dominance over other kaiju or enormous threats to the planet
one of the first kaiju to appear during the Second Age, won the battle of supremacy on all other kaiju during the last years of the 2nd age
reappeared during the 3rd Age at the destruction of Xian to battle the Avatar of Zol-goa'thul
next appearance was the calamity that ended the 3rd age, battling other kaiju awoken by the calamity of the elves
next appearance was at the end of the 4th age, going on a rampage caused by the Fiend Soul War before turning his fury upon the gods and archdevils that tried to manipulate him
next appearance was 5th age to battle the awoken Avatar of Xin'carlath in a 3-way battle involving the Avatar of Kaï-den

Rukh, Queen of the Skies: giant bird (colossal+2), mother of the roc species, powerful screech, wind powers, healing feathers, first appeared during the 3rd age

Leviathan, Lord of the Depths: giant sea serpent (colossal+3) with massive maw and many giant squid tentacles, progenitor of the kraken, first appeared during the 2nd age

Mungyama, the Great Guardian: giant mix of ape and monkey (colossal+1), youngest of the kaiju, first appeared during the Fiend Soul War at the end of the 4th age

giant crustacean/mollusk mix (colossal+1), 2nd age (original), 3rd age (2nd generation), acid spray, powerful shell, powerful claws

Tarrasque, The Great Devourer (colossal+2): bipedal dragon-turtle, massive maw, spiked shell

Jormangundr, the World Serpent (colossal+3): earth serpent

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