Ghouls are among the most common on undead creatures. They are dangerous not due to their individual strength, but due to how easy they are to create and their tendency to hunt in large packs. A ghoul is typically a humanoid undead that resembles its living self, although with its flesh in a state of decomposition. Its eyes are bloodshot, and its nails and teeth are sharp and hard. Legend states that they were created by Thraxis, the God of Undeath, when he was still a mortal necromancer.

Ghouls are almost mindless, driven by an insatiable hunger for living flesh, preferably the kind of their original species. They are slightly stronger then when they were alive, and surprisingly fast. They do not feel pain, and the only physical way of killing one besides with magic is by destroying their brains or chopping off their head from their torso. Otherwise, they keep coming in any way they can.

When ghouls catch a victim, they will eat his limbs and organs, but will always instinctively leave the torso and head attached and more or less intact. After the corpse has been left alone for an hour, it will start turning into a new ghoul. Fleshy red tendrils will grow and entwine to become new limbs, replacing those that were eaten. Its face will deform, its teeth becoming hard and sharp. A ghoul's flesh will remain in a state of decomposition, but never decompose to a state where it is detrimental to the body. This is thanks to the dark energies that grant the ghoul its undeath state.

Ghouls hunt in packs, and can be found where there is a lot of death, such as graveyards and battlefields. They are the most favored of cannon fodder for armies employing undead creatures, due to how easy it is to create them. A portion of the victim's soul remains trapped by the undead energies, ensuring that the victim's soul never rest in peace. The soul is freed upon the destruction of the ghoul.

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